Are Your Attorneys Always Hearing a Consistent Message From Your Company on Legal Billing?

Whether your company has a legal bill review unit or everyone in the claims department reviews legal bills, attorneys may be getting inconsistent messages when it comes to knowing what they can and cannot bill for.

Inconsistent messaging will likely occur if all who review legal bills have not been properly trained and calibrated on what to look for in legal bills and when to make deductions.

Training of staff should be based upon what is contained in the company’s litigation and billing guidelines and what the ethics of the legal profession require lawyers to do when it comes to billing for their services. If your guidelines are not in sync with the ethics of the legal profession, problems are not just likely to occur, they will occur.

Calibration of staff is just as important as training, if not even more so. Surprisingly, I find many companies who do provide some training on legal bill reviewing spend little to no time on properly calibrating their staffs. As a result, inconsistent messages are sent to their law firms.

It is vitally important that everyone in the company who does bill reviews – especially if more than one staff member  reviews bills from the same firms – be squarely on the same page when it comes to reviewing legal bills. This can only be done by proper staff training and calibration.

If you would like to find out how I can help train and calibrate your staff to achieve better legal cost savings results through better reviews of their legal bills, please contact me at or call me at 317-645-0587.

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