Reviewing “Below the Line” For Costs & Expenses

“[I]n the absence of an agreement to the contrary, it is impermissible for a lawyer to create an additional source of profit for the law firm beyond that which is contained in the provision of professional services themselves. The lawyer’s stock in trade is the sale of legal services, not photocopy paper, tuna fish sandwiches, computer time or messenger services.”*

If you did a Google search (and I did), you would find that no one has ever written on the subject of reviewing legal bills for costs and expenses.  “Below the line costs” are those costs and expenses typically included at the bottom of legal bills or below the line summarizing the time billed for performing legal tasks.

So, for no other reason than that it has never been done before, I thought it about time that someone did write about what I call reviewing “below the line” costs.

[A full copy of this article is available exclusively to clients of  If you are a client and would like to receive a copy of this article, please contact ]

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