Some “Shortcuts” to Take in Reviewing Legal Bills

In conducting my seminar “Reviewing Legal Bills Like a Pro©” for insurer claims staffs who review legal bills, I always note that there are three important and co-equal billing issues that need to be considered when reviewing every billed for task a legal bill.  I also note that each of the issues must be considered in a set order and I emphasize that it takes time to properly review legal bills.

Because so many insurers just like the rest of corporate America are trying to get by with fewer employees, it should come as no surprise that all employees are looking for shortcuts to take to help them ease their workloads.  Thus it is that I am often asked by adjusters if there are any shortcuts they can use in reviewing legal bills.

I always respond that there are some “shortcuts” they can take which will save them time.  I will cover two of those shortcuts in this post.

[A complete copy of this blog post is available to clients of To obtain a copy, please contact]

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