All About A Shameless Plug or Just Providing Information?

Before I started writing this blog, I carefully checked out what the “experts” had to say about writing a blog. One thing I read that made sense was to not use your blog as an advertisement.  Rather, make it a place where people will come back to for information rather than to be sold something.

So it is that over the years, I have always followed that advice. I have tried to make my blog on the “art and science of reviewing legal bills” and related litigation management issues a place where people will come back to for information.

But now I want to talk about a new legal bill review venture I have undertaken which I believe to be rather unique. While some will undoubtedly call it a “shameless plug” and say I am deviating from my stated goal, I choose to take the high road and call it continuing to provide “information” about reviewing legal bills.

And the information I am providing is on the referenced in one of the sidebars (actually called “widgets” in blogshpere).  The reason that I am doing so is that I have had many people call or e-mail me asking about what is up with this “” business? So to answer everyone at once, I will explain “what’s up” with

First of all, I am still doing legal bill reviews for corporations and insurers through Conlon Associates and Legal Points.  And through my role as an Advisor at CLM Advisors, I still am consulting with insurers on litigation management related issues.

But as I am periodically contacted by individuals with large (at least, to them) legal bills to pay, I saw that their needs required differences in handling.  Thus, I saw a need to establish a new legal bill review service more geared to the special needs of individuals and small business owners.

Some of the key features of are that more detailed explanations in plain language are given about problems found in the review/audit and information tailored for use by individuals is provided on how they can use the results of the audit to negotiate an appropriate reduction with their attorney.  This information is provided through a specially written booklet entitled “The Definitive Guide to Resolving a Legal Bill Dispute.”

Finally, as most individuals and small business owners have limited resources, offers a “free evaluation” for any legal bill of $10,000 or more. So, if an evaluation indicates that there are no significant billing issues that would justify the cost of an audit, there is no charge to the individual.

I firmly believe that is truly the only legal bill review/audit service especially geared to meeting the needs of individuals and small business owners. So if you have a friend or a relative who has incurred a large legal bill and needs to know if they have been overcharged for services, please have them go to

I will now quit plugging.


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