Medical Records, Controlling Litigation Costs – Part III

[Editor’s note.  As noted in prior posts, due to the high direct and indirect costs of unfocused and overly broad discovery, I have decided to examine in depth the various issues that most contribute to unnecessary and excessive discovery costs.  One of the most costly of discovery costs is the costs associated with medical records acquisition and review.  Below is the third piece on this issue by my colleague, Don Douglass, on the issue of medical records review and evaluation and management of the medical records documents.  Don is an experienced reviewer/auditor of legal bills and is a former insurance defense lawyer with over 30 years of experience.   John Conlon]


  Controlling Medical Records Acquisition & Review Costs

Part III


Donald D. Douglass

In my first two posts on this subject, I addressed managing the necessity of the records being ordered and the appropriate billing procedures for the routine and form driven process of ordering records. (See previous two blog posts below.)  This post addresses the third and final consideration: proper staffing for medical records reviews, evaluations, and document management.

[A complete copy of this blog post is available to clients of To obtain a copy, contact]

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