Billing Guidelines Need to Take Full Advantage of Vastly Overcrowded Legal Profession

Most company billing guidelines cover the usual things – no block billing, no vague descriptions, 10 cents for photocopies, etc. All too often because of an irrational fear of not being able to attract qualified attorneys to do their work, company billing guidelines stop short of including things that should be included from a cost savings standpoint.

Below are but a few examples of guidelines that could easily save hundreds of dollars per file. Continue reading

It’s Summertime and Time for All Those Summertime Billing Issues

Ah . . .  It’s summer time.  Time to kick back, enjoy life, and . .  be on the lookout for increased costs in legal bills brought on by summertime’s seasonal billing issues.

They’re Baaack!!! 

“They” are the “summer associates” (aka, law clerks).   These would-be lawyers are eager to learn their future trade and are looking for things to do  . . . like   working on your cases.  But should you pay for all this work? If not, why not? These questions and more will be answered in this post on summertime billing issues.

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