The Costs of Inappropriate Staffing: A Broader View

As I have written about before, the single biggest cost issue I come across in my legal bill reviews can be put under the category of “inappropriate staffing” of cases.

In previous posts, I have written about this issue from an individual tasks perspective such as when partners inappropriately bill for tasks that associates or paralegals could do or when associates inappropriately bill for tasks that paralegals can do. I have also written about paralegals who inappropriately bill for tasks that non-billing legal secretaries can do.

As it is sometimes hard to see the forest for all the individual trees, I want to step back and look at the inappropriate staffing issue from a broader perspective.  In so doing, I want to examine the broader issues of what should be considered as the appropriate mix of staff to work on a case and (even more importantly) what should be considered an appropriate balance of work among whatever mix of staff there is working on a case. Continue reading