Are “Pre-Bill Consultants” Helping Attorneys to “Fly Under the Radar” of Legal Bill Review Programs?

Because of the potential to “game” the system, bills from law firms that use “pre-bill consultants” undergo more scrutiny.

Two years ago I wrote a post about a new niche business service for attorneys, “pre-bill consultants.” As I wrote, pre-bill consultants are used by attorneys to scrutinize their legal bills before they are sent to insurers and other clients to ensure that the legal bills comply with client guidelines and are otherwise accurate.  The hoped for result is less deductions in legal bills due to billing “errors.”

Ostensibly, it looked like a win-win situation to me and I wrote favorably about pre-bill consultants.  But in a recent conversation with an in-house legal bill unit manager, I heard a different story. The manager pointed out to me something that I already knew: e-billing systems can be “gamed.” And he believed that some pre-bill consultants are gaming the system. Continue reading