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John Conlon

John is regarded as one of the nation’s leading experts in litigation management and in auditing legal bills. He has reviewed legal bills in all types of cases and legal matters throughout the U.S. for corporations, governmental entities, and individuals.  In addition, calling upon his background as a national litigation manager for two major insurers, John has trained in-house staffs on litigation management and on how to analyze and review legal bills.

Regarded an authority in the field of legal ethics, John has long been active in the field of legal ethics as an attorney in private practice focusing on professional responsibility matters.  Importantly, John is the only attorney legal bill auditor in the U.S. to have served as a Legal Ethics Committee Chair for a state bar association.

The reason that a legal ethics background is of vital importance in legal bill review is that the ABA Rules of Professional Resp. (RPC) and case law interpreting the RPC control all issues related to attorney fee billing. Because they lack a background in legal ethics, many so-called legal bill review experts fail to qualify themselves in court as “experts” on the RPC as it relates to attorney fee billing issues.

John has provided continuing legal education seminars to attorneys on various legal ethics issues including billing for fees and costs.  In addition, John has also written various articles on the issue of legal ethics, litigation guidelines, and attorney fee billing.  His articles on legal ethics have been cited to in other articles on legal ethics and fee billing by legal ethics scholars.

The Legal Bill Reviewer (LBR) Blog

The Legal Bill Reviewer (LBR) blog is the successor to the LBR newsletter.  The LBR newsletter originated as a bi-monthly newsletter designed as a tool to help insurers and other corporate legal customers keep their staffs who review legal bills informed on issues affecting the art and science of legal bill review.  In addition to posts on legal billing issues, posts are also made on litigation and litigation management issues that affect the management of legal costs.

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